Elvish Bakery

Project Description

Elvish Bakery is a mockup design created for Designzillas' annual Mock the Halls competition, which promotes creating high-fidelity mockups for holiday buisnesses. I worked on four high-impact page designs for this project.

UI Design & Development

This UI Design was full of quirky names, bright colors, and patterns that were sure to brighten up anyone's day on ther cold walk to work, and entice them to grab a cup of coffee and a pastry.

UI design

E-commerce Designs

I designed this project to consider the multiude of products sold by the company, by still display them in a fun, easy to see manner coherently displayed alongside their branding.

About Elvish

All designs also had to have quirk and small, delicate details that mimicked their company style, which was achieved all the way down to the copy I generated for the company.

Want to see the full designs?

Check out the designs on the Dribbble playoff here.